What can you pay with credit cards?


    The credit card has become an everyday means of payment these days and has largely lost its special status, which credit cards often held even more than ten years ago. While credit cards were primarily used as a status symbol in the past and were only given to wealthy private customers or companies, nowadays almost every consumer can use these special cards at the latest since the prepaid credit card. Nevertheless, there are of course still many customers who have never used a credit card and are wondering in connection with where and what you can actually pay with the cards.


    Shopping in shops, hotels and paying in restaurants

    Shopping in shops, hotels and paying in restaurants

    One of the key features of credit cards is that they are very flexible and can be used in many different ways. Apart from some additional services, which include premium credit cards in particular, such as travel insurance or participation in bonus programs, there are two basic functions that every credit card has. This includes on the one hand cashless payment and on the other hand you can get cash at home or abroad at the corresponding ATMs or at the bank counter.

    The credit card is still primarily used to make cashless payments. For example, it is possible to pay for purchases in the department store, overnight stays in hotels or meals in the restaurant using a credit card. In the corresponding shops and other providers, it is more and more common practice to pay for all purchases and the use of services by credit card. This also applies to refueling, for example, because credit cards are increasingly being used to pay the amount incurred in Germany.


    Internet purchases by credit card

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    Of course, the question of what you can pay with credit cards does not only apply to purchases or payments on site. In addition, it has been possible for many years to pay for purchases or use of services on the Internet using a credit card. More and more website operators and shops are even starting to offer credit card payment as almost the only payment method. For example, if you book a hotel or a trip on the Internet, you can often no longer do without a credit card.


    Have cash at home and abroad

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    In addition to cashless payment, the credit card is also often used to dispose of cash. This applies in particular to business or vacation trips abroad, since the credit card is then used conveniently and quickly in order to receive a foreign currency at the ATM. Of course, a credit card can also be used domestically to have cash at the ATM.